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Enjoy a run through the beautiful Vilnius old town with a local person. We will tell you all the cool stories about the city.

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You will run through the beautiful sights of Vilnius with a local runner that has best knowledge in history of the city. While running we will talk about the city in interesting to you topics

Speed & Stops

The running pace is what you set, although we recommend pace of ~5:20 min / km so that you can see and grasp more of the beautiful old town of Vilnius. We can do stops but it's up to you, we will bring a camera with us to take pictures if you want.


We will meet you at your place of stay and make our way through the city. Once we make contact with you we will make sure to make a route that you are most interested in (beautiful panoramic view of old town, green parts of the city and etc.)

Cancellation & Refund

You can cancel ther run via email. Please inform about cancellation at least 1 day prior to the run. If experience was not what you expected then we will issue 80% refund.


You can choose to run a route that we prepared for you. Or if there are particular sights that are not included in the run and you want to see we can prepare a custom route for you.

What's included

Each runner will get a T-shirt of Vilnius running tours. Our guide will carry a bottle of water for each runner. Also we will send you a digital route of the run you made.


  • Into The City 3-5 km run that includes old town street full of history and major building sights. IF YOU ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE WE WILL RUN UP TO 3 CROSS HILL FOR THE PANORAMIC VIEW
  • Green City 7-12km run that includes all of the major old town streets, building sights, parks and hills with the panoramic view
  • Show Me All Of It 12 - 20km run where we will show everything there is to see in the Old Town and city centre. Buildings, streets, hills with panoramic view, riverside, parks it has them all

Our prices

2 Runners

60 € per runner

3+ runners

25 € per runner

Our friends

Our Team

We are local guys with who spent most of their lifes here in Vilnius. We have lots of experience guiding people through the city and showing its beauty and rich history. We often participate in Marathons and keep ourselves in shapes by running every other day.


Guide Runner


Guide Runner

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If you are already in town and want to book a run or join already booked tour - come by Europe Royal hotel and ask about Running Tours and you will be put in touch with our representatives


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